Failing the First Step,worth it!


When we were small,most of our Parents were eager to watch for our first steps.As life proceed we took many steps and most of them failed .Then we tried to create new circumstances for taking a new step.

First we should understand that life is an uncharted forest.we don’t know what is in the other side of it.So, it is said that we should make the first steps.But when we analyse,we can see that 99.9% of people fail when taking their first step.

So,for understanding it we have to consider the fact that it is not taking the first step that matters,But when we fall we have to get up and take the hit another time .I understand “Taking the First Step” as a shift from the present reality to a completely new awareness of the present situation and the desire to change it.So, in the middle of the process there is a transparent door which  we have to overcome mentally,because as scientist says we shape our reality and our brain doesn’t like taking risks .

So, in my understanding i want to conclude that when we make a move,we may not succeed but when we get up and try it one more time with precision we will embrace our decisions.


Why motivation sucks?


Our life is a challenging place were we have to  energized/recharge us day to day until the battery cannot be replaced .People say Life is a beautiful.Yes off-course it is! But we have to have face the realty that our life is filled with challenges,hardships,happiness etc.

For me Life is like a  kitchen lab of a chef,were the chef creates amazing /unique cuisine with different ingredient by examine the texture, power of the heat,duration the cooking time,applying the ingredients at the right time etc .Sometime the chef may fail,but always a good chef observe were he didn’t got the ingredients right or something and do it until the cuisine is perfect for the taste palate.

Life is an unknown territory , where it is different inside-out .We don’t know what to expect in front of us. Opportunities will, tough times come but when we are ready to take the  first hit and never back down.It is going to be an interesting game.

Motivation is a stimuli that gives a spark to our inner self by relating the incidents  communicated to us and  connecting them to our lives.If you need motivation  everyday,there is no use.Actually motivation the pivot point in the creation cycle.That is When we have an idea First

  1. We COMMIT for the belief.
  2. We get MOTIVATED for it.
  3. We Act on the Belief.

After the 3rd part either we may succeed or we may have to be more creative and Last one is repeat the whole process for the your life.So,if we are only getting motivated and not working creatively/hard to achieve it.Then what is the use of it in our daily life.

So,my take if the biggest reason why motivation sucks  is that until we act/commit for an outcome very are generally sucking our life out ourselves.